Thursday, 7 November 2019

Sukhothai, South Parade, Leeds


Operation explore the Yorkshire food scene is well under way now. I started my new job and have settled into our new home quite nicely. I asked a couple of girls at work for recommendations on where to go to eat in Leeds if you're a food lover like myself. I asked if they could only choose one restaurant to go to, which it would be and they both, separately, went with the same restaurant - Sukhothai. Being one who is often sceptical about people's recommendations, particularly when they sound too good to be true, I knew we had to go and investigate further. My boyfriends parents came up for the weekend and very kindly took us out for dinner - his stepmom was very set on going to a Thai restaurant so Sukhothai was the natural choice to make. 


Less than five minute walk from the train station in a very well-lit location so walking back in the dark wasn't a big deal at all. The restaurant itself is large but busy so it may well be difficult if you have mobility aids - I'm sure the restaurant would be more than willing to accommodate if this is the case though as nothing seemed like too much work for them. We went on a Monday night and it was BUSY so I imagine that weekend bookings are essential. 


Arguably the menu choice was too much - there really is something for every palate - whether you're vegetarian, vegan or have other dietary requirements, there honestly seems to be something for everyone. It took me a good ten minutes to peruse the menu and even then, I found myself changing my mind on my order every time I glanced back at it. We could easily start at the top and work our way down as everything sounded absolutely incredible and I would have happily eaten anything on the menu.

I eventually opted for dumplings of the pork and prawn variety - a decision that I honestly think has changed my life. I'm a big fan of dumplings - Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Sui Mai, whatever form they come in - and the Khanom Jeeb dumplings from Sukhothai are probably the best I've ever tasted, with no exceptions. Being the kind and courteous girlfriend that I am, I offered my boyfriend a taste - done more begrudgingly than ever before.

For my choice for main course, I knew I wanted to try a duck dish. I love duck but find that I never cook it the way I'd like it to taste so generally speaking, when I go out for dinner I opt for either seafood or duck. This time around, duck was definitely the right way to go - I went for Pad Nam Prik Pao Phed which was stir fried, sliced duck in the most delicious sauce I've ever tasted. The duck was tender and seasoned to perfection and if it was socially acceptable to lick the plate clean upon finishing, I probably would have as the sauce was on another level entirely. It's fair to say that we'll definitely be going back and trying some other dishes off their incredibly extensive menu as soon as possible.


If it gets any better than this, I'm never leaving. 


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