Tuesday, 1 October 2019 Leeds Kirkgate Market, Kirkgate, Leeds, UK


Vietnamese food? Yes, please. 

I moved to Yorkshire this week (!!!) and as an avid foodie, I knew I had to explore Leeds and find some amazing spots to eat. I love most cuisines but Vietnamese is one that I find I enjoy the most - but I very rarely get a chance to actually eat Vietnamese food. I knew I wanted to go and have a look at Kirkgate Market - I've seen more than enough Instagram pictures to know that that was probably one of my best bets for good quality yet reasonably priced lunch - so I headed there straight off the train. I mainly let my nose do the work direction wise as the entire indoor marketplace smelt like heaven on Earth.

Banh and Mee, Kirkgate Market, Leeds | Eat Yorkshire

Location & Ease of Access 

Kirkgate Market, Leeds City Centre. 

Took me about ten minutes to walk from the train station so as central as you're probably going to get. The market place was pretty crowded so I imagine it'd be a bit more difficult to access for people who have mobility aids or for families with pushchairs, but the building itself is accessible as standard. I'd say be prepared to queue for five or ten minutes if you go at the weekend.

Menu Choice 

For such a small place, they have a great menu with lots of choice. Veggie and Vegan options are available - I spied a Vegan Pho that looked like it would be a bit of me. Alongside an extensive Pho menu, there was also Banh Mi - a Vietnamese Sandwich - and Banh and Mee's twist on the Banh Mi with Banh Mi fries. For a healthier option, salads are also available with your choice of filling. If you're in a bit of a rush and just want a small bite for the ride, then a Summer Roll might well be your perfect choice.

Banh and Mee, Kirkgate Market, Leeds | Eat Yorkshire

I personally ordered the BBQ Pork Rice Box - with sriracha, of course - and pickled veg. There are multiple different Rice Boxes available to choose from but the BBQ tickled my pickle that day! I definitely made the right choice - the BBQ pork was well cooked and seasoned, tender and delicious. The rice it was served on was sticky and filling and the pickled veg was sharp - it also helped take the edge off the sriracha sauce that I had drizzled all over.

I'll be going back for seconds, without a shadow of a doubt.

Eat Yorkshire Rating

An excellent introduction to the Yorkshire food scene.


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